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Qumes® presents FLOWON THE BEACH 
The Story Behind Qumes: FLOW ON THE BEACH

Qumes team had a vision when they first met the Qumes Stroller Flow. The creativity went from zero to hundred when our team got the assignment to make something out of it. So we wanted to show you how people had to see this amazing piece Flow in real life action, especially on concrete and sandy terrain. Therefor here is our showcase “FLOW ON THE BEACH”. 

Hope you enjoy it!

This set comes with the following accessories and parts:

1. Travel cot
2. Sport seat + footmuff
3. Car seat 0+ with footmuff
4. Frame with Gel-Six tires
5. Shopping basket on the frame
6. Aluminum frame
7. Cup holder
8. Diaper bag
9. Rain cover
10. Mosquito net
11. Isolated winter footmuff


58 cm
9,0 kg
118 cm
frame closed
H x W : 60cm x 25cm
frame closed
H x W : 60cm x 45cm
frame closed with wheels
H x W : 60cm x 55cm

Our responsibility

We always make conscious choices when designing and developing our products.

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